Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Audio Books - Stuart Woods Hothouse Orchid

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I am so into listening to audio books. I’ve always loved reading but with kids, a real job and taking care of my wifely duties, I couldn’t squeeze in a good book. That is until I discovered the AUDIO book!!! My life turned completely around. I started knocking out 3-4 books per month. My genre of choice is mystery!! I listen while I’m working, cleaning and driving.

Listening to audio books gives me a calming feeling while keeping my brain stimulated. I don’t know if it’s the fact of having soothing voices in my ear or what but I love them and have just finished Hothouse Orchid by Stuart Woods. This is the 5 th thriller in the Holly Barker series and is read by Carrington McDuffie. This audio book is a thriller that will definitely keep you sifting through the red herrings to figure out who the creep is who’s raping and killing women. 

Great listen....on to the next one.

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