Saturday, October 1, 2011

10 Tips for Protective Style Challenges

In the fall, many YouTubers and healthy hair care websites begin to launch protective hair style challenges.  All protective hair style challenges are different but most have the same goal.  You are asked to wear your hair in protective styles for a certain length of time to promote healthier hair and better hair retention; when hair is retained then longer hair goals can be meet.
Some of the fall protective hair style challenges are in effect until spring of the next year.  That’s about six months.  And if you start but are not prepared, then you may not make the most of the hair challenge.  I’ve put together these 10 tips to help you make the most of your challenge once you decide to join.
1.        Start a hair journal.  You can use any type of notebook, it doesn’t have to be anything special.  You want to document your starting point by taking beginning pictures and doing length checks.  Then record your current status in your hair journal.
2.       Set a reasonable hair growth goal.  Hair grows between a fourth and a half of an inch per month.  If the protective style challenge that you decide to participate in lasts for three months, then a reasonable hair growth goal is 1 ½” of hair growth, for six months then 3” is reasonable.  Write your hair growth goal in your hair journal.
3.       If the challenge you’ve decided to join asks for beginning pictures, then go ahead and send pictures.  Sending the pictures will help you commit to the challenge.   If you’re shy then have someone help you take back shots of your hair or cover your face.
4.       Do a search on YouTube for “Protective Hair Style” and begin gathering ideas for styles that you would like to try.  You can place videos with hair styles that you like in your favorites, so that you can keep up with the styles you’re interested in.
5.       Gather hair clamps, ties and bands that are fee of metal clips to use in your protective styles.  Using ouchless bands and clips will help reduce hair breakage while your hair is in a protective style.
6.       Moisturize your hair really well and then seal with an oil or butter before placing your hair in protective styles.  The ends of your hair will love being moisturized while being tucked away.
7.       Be versatile with your protective styles.  You can wear buns, braids, twists, wigs and drawstring ponytails to name a few styles.  Change the stress points on your hair by parting hair differently or instead of combing your hair straight back every time, swoop your hair to the side then back.  You can even wear your hair down once or twice a week.
8.       Join healthy hair website communities for support, encouragement and more protective style ideas.
9.       Update your pictures and your hair journal regularly and at the end of your challenge, submit your final pictures and hair growth gains to finalize your challenge.
10.   Have fun with the different styles that you can create and reward yourself for any short term goals that you meet.
Challenges are a great way to obtain maximum hair retention for a certain period of time.  If you decide to join a protective hair style challenge, I hope these tips help you reach your goals. 

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