Natural Hair Spot Light

What is Ms. RosieVelt's Natural Hair Spot Light?

 I want to help promote a natural hair vlogger who doesn't have many subscribers on YouTube.  I've decided to spot light one YouTuber each month, who has and promotes natural hair on YouTube!  When chosen, this YouTuber will be spotlighted on Ms. RosieVelt's YouTube channel and on, Ms. RosieVelt's webpage for an entire month.

Want to be Ms. RosieVelt's Spot Light YouTuber?

Great! Then just meet the following criteria and you may just be Ms. RosieVelt's Natural Hair Spot Light for the month.

What is the Criteria?

Criteria must be meet by the 15th of the current month to be considered for the following month's Natural Hair Spot Light.

 1.  You must be a man or woman wearing natural hair. 
      No transitioners, sorry.
 2.  You must make natural hair YouTube videos regularly.
 3.  You must have at least 20 natural hairYouTube videos.
 4.  You must have less than 500 subscribers.
 5.  You must be a subscriber to Ms. RosieVelt's YouTube
 6.  You must be a follower of Ms. RosieVelt's blog,
 7.  You must be a subscriber to the current month's Natural Hair Spot Light's
      YouTube channel.
 8.  You must view and comment on the current month's Natural Hair Spot
      Light's blog post.

Once chosen and notified, by the 25th of the current month, you will need to
 9.  Email a photo showing your face and natural hair to be posted on the
      Natural Hair Spot Light blog post  
10. Email a Blog Post (bio) to accompany your photo on the Natural Hair
      Spot Light blog post.

Ms. RosieVelt will choose the Natural Hair Spot Light by the 20 of the current month.
The Natural Hair Spot Light criteria is bound to change at any time without notice.