Saturday, April 9, 2011

Start Your Own Hair Braiding Business

Hair braiding is one, of the few arts, that has survived the test of time for African Americans.  Black women were braiding hair before they were taken from Africa and sold into slavery.  Those beautiful, black women have passed their braiding techniques down to their children throughout the generations.  If you were fortunate enough to be blessed with the fingers for braiding then you can make money with your art.  This isn’t a get rich quick scheme but some practical ideas that could possibly bring you enough money to supplement your day job’s income. 
Women and even some men love to have their hair braided, some more than others.  However, not everyone knows how to braid, so that’s a money making advantage for you, if you know how to lay those braids, you can line your pockets with cold, hard cash.  
I’ve outline 5 money making ideas that are quick and super cheap to start as a business for you. 
1.All natural hair braiding.  Your braiding can be targeted to people who want their own hair braided, there will be no weaved hairstyles.   These days mothers are super busy and several of them don’t have time or the energy to do their children’s hair.  Boys and young men are wearing longer hair now and need someone reliable to braid their hair.  Elderly women, who can no longer do their own braids need someone to help them with their hair.  You can advertise on craigslist, free classified section in the newspaper and by word of mouth.   You can go to their house or they can come to yours.  Whatever you’re comfortable with.  You can offer to wash, condition and braid hair starting at $40.  If you can get 10 heads a week, that’s $400 a week and $1600 a month.  Easy money, right?  I can wash, condition and braid my grandmother’s hair within an hour on Saturday morning.
2.Weave braiding.  If you can weave extensions into the hair while braiding then you can market yourself to do boxed braids like the bob, cornrows like the crazy braids, micro braids, tree braids and anything else you can think of.  Braiding weave takes more time and warrants more money than braiding someone’s natural hair.  You can advertise the same way and charge a minimum of $80 for simple cornrows.
3.Hair Braiding Instructor.  You can offer to teach others the technique of braiding hair.  There are so many different techniques of braiding,  that you can design a workshop for beginning, intermediate and advanced braiders.  Your workshops can provide braiding techniques and hands on training with mannequins.  If your state requires braiders to be licensed then you could provide the licensing, for the state.  These type of classes start for no less than $250.  If you have 5 braiders who need licensing then that’s $1250 for a weekend course!  Rent a spot for the class, pay to advertise your next class and the rest of the money is yours!  
4.Start a YouTube Chanel.   You could start a youtube channel that will be dedicated to showing viewers step by step instructions on how to do different braided hairstyles.  I, along with many other women love to sit and watch the youtube videos that show us how to do different hairstyles.  You can join the ranks of Youtube partners by being consistent and dedicated to carving your spot into Youtube.   Start your video series, promote your channel through blogs and commenting and rating other videos, encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel and you can start making money from your youtube videos through the ads!         
5.Open a braid studio.  A braid studio is a salon specifically designed for braiding hair. This endeavor is a little more expensive than the other ideas, because of building rent, equipment, products and advertising cost.  But this business can encompass all the other ideas that were already mentioned.   Your braid studio can have booths for stylist to rent, who will be able to braid natural and weaved styles, for women, men and children.  You can provide monthly workshops to teach braiding techniques and provide licensing if your state requires it.  If you have your own braid studio, you can braid hair or not and still make cash!!! 
There is a wide world of money making opportunities in your community, for hair braiders, that you can tap into.  Just do good work, be consistent, reliable and grateful and believe me, your name will spread.
To get started you will need to check with your state’s professional regulation department to see if braiders need to be licensed in your state, you will also need to check with your state’s revenue department to see what taxes, if any you will need to collect on hair braiding.
Your opportunities are endless!!

Ms. RosieVelt

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