Monday, April 18, 2011

My Hair Needs Protein??

One thing about being on this healthy hair journey is that I’ve really learned to listen to my hair.  I noticed that although my hair was clearly moisturized to the touch, it was still appearing dull and lifeless.  I was moisturizing and sealing in the morning and at night so my hair could not be as thirsty as it was portraying.  I couldn’t quite understand what was going on.   At the first sign that my hair is acting a little differently, I quickly jump to access and combat the problem to get my hair back to its healthy state.
There are a couple of reasons my hair may be looking dry and dull and they are lack of moisture and lack of protein.  I don’t think it’s a lack of moisture so it has to be a lack of protein. 
The signs that black hair needs protein are the same things I was experiencing with my hair.  My hair
  • lacked body
  • was limp and gummy looking
  • looked dry and rough despite using shampoo and conditioner
  • didn’t improve its appearance and feel when moisturizing products were used
There is also a test that I could do on my wet hair to see if it needs protein.  According to how my wet, detangled hair reacts when it’s stretched will help me determine what my hair is lacking. 
  • Normal is if my stretched ends return to the normal length with no breaking.
  • Lack of moisture is if my hair doesn’t stretch at all and breaks because it rough and brittle. Not my problem.
  • Lack of protein is if my hair stretches then breaks and is dry looking.
Since I noticed the problem really early on, my hair wasn’t to the point of breaking off.  But I knew I needed protein.

I pulled an Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Pak from the cabinet and used it to pre-condition my hair before I did my weekly shampoo.  I saturated my hair, root to tip, with the product and allowed it to sit for thirty minutes or so.  Then shampooed and conditioned.  My hair was so easy to detangle and it looks like the life is back in my hair.  I could have used the Replenishing Pak after my shampoo but I wanted something on my hair quickly and just switched it up.

I will use the Replenishing Pak again in four weeks and my hair should be good and replenished!  Thanks to ORS.

Ms. RosieVelt

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